LINTTOP, a leading manufacturer in China's high-quality cable equipment industry, is dedicated to providing customers with innovative solutions to improve production efficiency and reduce costs. Recently, the new type of cable marking equipment - Laser Marking Machine, has received positive feedback from customers.

One of the significant advantages of LINTTOP's laser marking machine is its ability to suit various colored PVC materials. In a recent test with PRYSMIAN, one of the world's largest cable companies, the laser marking machine successfully printed on black, gray, and orange PVC cable outer sheaths. PRYSMIAN was impressed with the test results and plans to continue testing the machine for future cooperation. Flying Co2 Laser Marking Machine


The laser marking machine works on the principle of electro-optical conversion, which requires only electricity and no consumables. This feature significantly reduces production costs and makes it an excellent investment for cable manufacturers. Moreover, laser printing is easy to maintain, more durable, and does not require ink like traditional inkjet printers, reducing the risk of ink clogging, blurred printing, and environmental pollution.

LINTTOP currently offers three types of laser printers: CO2, UV, and Optical Fiber, catering to various printing needs. By adopting laser printers, cable manufacturers can establish a good brand image and enhance their influence in the market.

In conclusion, LINTTOP's Laser Marking Machine is a game-changer for the cable industry. It offers efficient and cost-effective solutions to improve cable printing while also reducing environmental pollution. With its proven success, more and more manufacturers can benefit from LINTTOP's laser printers to improve their production efficiency and establish a reputable brand image in the market.


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