Best electric golf scooters: speed and style on the green

Golf has become more than just your score after 18 holes of play. Today’s golfer wants an experience. Whether enjoying great swing analyzer technology on the range, state-of-the-art indoor launch monitor and golf simulator data, or some fun with friends at a local golf entertainment venue, the golf industry is working hard to retain the new golfers it welcomed during the pandemic — and it’s focusing on the customer experience with every interaction. Electric golf scooters fit right into those plans.

We used to ask, “Why walk when you can ride?” But that was about the standard riding golf cart. Playing a round of golf with an electric golf scooter is next level. Let’s discuss these innovative and exciting on-course amenities, what they offer, and who’s doing it the best. Electric Cargo Tricycle

Best electric golf scooters: speed and style on the green

Staff favorite The CaddieBike Rambler Best budget: Heybike Ranger E-Bike w/ Divnick Golf Bag Carrier Best balance: GolfBoard PRO V1.3 Best durability: Koppla Swift Motorcycle Golf Cart Best two-wheeled: Fat Tire Rowdy Golf Scooter Best three-wheeled: Fat Tire Rebel Trike Golf Scooter Best four-wheeled: GSC Tourer Best accessories: Fat Tire Cruiser 3.0 Electric Golf Scooter Best battery life: Ellwee Easy Golf

We researched manufacturer specifications, including battery life, durability, ease of use, accessories, and more, to create a shortlist of the top electric golf scooters. Then, we combed through detailed product descriptions, ratings, and reviews to find the best electric golf scooter for each category.

All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy a linked product, GOLF.COM may earn a fee. Pricing may vary.

Benefits — Detachable golf club carrier — 3 riding modes — All-terrain fat tires

Drawbacks — Heavy when it comes to car rack transportation

The CaddieBike is an innovative and fun way of getting around the golf course. With a detachable golf club carrier, you can keep it on the course or ride off-course when your round is over with three riding modes: pedal only, pedal assist, and throttle on demand. The all-terrain fat tires ensure a smooth ride up and down your local golf landscape. 

LED headlights and taillights mean you can play until dark and find your way back to the clubhouse safely, and its aluminum alloy frame and front and rear fenders mean you’ll have a durable new toy to enhance your golf experience.

With a 30-day guarantee and a two-year warranty, the CaddieBike is our choice for Best Overall electric golf scooter for 2023. Weighing in at 75 pounds, it’s rather heavy to transport to and from the golf course.

Wheels: 2 | Accessories: Golf club carrier, beverage holder, phone holder, scorecard and pencil holder, sand bottle, headlight | Battery longevity: 72+ holes | Sit or stand: Sit

Benefits — Portable (can load in your car and take it with you) — Comfortable seat provides shock absorption — Fat tires for a smoother ride anywhere

Drawbacks — 2 wheels mean you must be extra careful on hillier golf courses

The Heybike Ranger is an affordable yet durable solution to walking the course or taking a cart. With a removable battery, you can ride comfortably or pedal your way to a healthier lifestyle. It’s portable, so you can put it in your truck and easily take it to the course. The attached Divnick Golf Bag Carrier provides a stellar golf experience whenever you tee it up. 

The front suspension fork, unique handlebar design, comfortable damping seat, dual front light, and seven-speed options all provide a legendary riding experience whether on the course or off and whether you’re pedaling or letting the bike do the work. And fat tires give a smoother ride no matter the course’s terrain. With just two wheels, though, you’ll want to be careful on those hillier golf courses. Golf is not a contact sport. 

Wheels: 2 | Accessories: Dual front light, electric horn, bottle holder, mounting brackets for optional front rack, LCD that displays speed, distance, pedal assist mode, and battery level | Battery longevity: 72 holes | Sit or stand: Sit

Benefits — High-capacity battery pack (48% more power than the original GolfBoard Pro) — Added durability and easy to maintain — Powder-coated steel stability bar

Drawbacks — No headlight — Limited accessories

The GolfBoard PRO V1.3 is a sleek electric golf board that adds a whole new realm to riding your local course. With a high-capacity battery pack, the Golf Board PRO V1.3 has added durability and 48.8% more power than its predecessor.

It’s easy to maintain and offers exceptional balance, thanks to its powder-coated steel stability bar and four-wheel design. For that reason, it earns our nod as the Best Balance in an electric golf scooter. The heavy-duty chassis provides great support to the golfer, golf bag, and battery. 

At nearly $7,500, this isn’t a purchase to take lightly. Weigh the pros and cons and ensure you have somewhere to store it at your local course. With no headlight and accessories limited to a cooler and sand and seed bottle, give it some thought before committing. Once you do, enjoy it because you’ll have everyone else asking to take it for a spin.

Wheels: 4 | Accessories: Cooler, sand and seed bottle | Battery longevity: 27-36 holes based on topography | Sit or stand: Stand

Benefits — Durable construction and powerful battery — Fat tire designed for stability — Comfortable seating and sturdy kickstand

Drawbacks — Golf bag can hinder your view as you’re motooring from tee to green

With great durability and a powerful battery, this model is an exceptional choice. The combination of fat tires and comfortable seating makes riding 18 holes a pleasure beyond sticking your approach shot or sinking that putt. The Peak 3,500-watt motor adds power for hilly terrains and maxes out at 27 mph, speeding up your round just enough to get a second one in. 

The one drawback we found is that the golf bag can hinder the rider’s view when placed in its proper position. See the pictures on the website to see what we mean.

Wheels: 2 | Accessories: Headlight, cooler, saddlebag | Battery longevity: 36 holes | Sit or stand: Sit

Benefits — Comes in 3 color options — Includes bag holder and cooler — Ships 95% assembled

Drawbacks — Not ideal for hillier golf courses — Takes 6-8 hours to charge — Only goes 18 holes on a charge

The Fat Tire Rowdy Golf Scooter is a fun electric golf scooter that will make you the envy of your course every time you’re on the first tee. It comes in three color options and includes a golf bag holder and cooler, so you’re refreshed throughout your round of golf. In addition, the Fat Tire Rowdy Golf Scooter ships to your home virtually fully assembled, making completing the final steps easy. 

The 2,000-watt model climbs “most hills,” but the manufacturer suggests upgrading to the 3,000-watt model for hillier golf courses. This model also takes six to eight hours to charge fully and only lasts for 18 holes of golf before requiring the next charge.

Wheels: 2 | Accessories: Golf bag holder, cooler | Battery longevity: 18+ holes | Sit or stand: Sit

Benefits — 3 wheels make it easy to ride — No kickstand (no balance required) — 43-in. wide track provides great stability

Drawbacks — Various accessories offered but at an added cost — Restocking fee on returns

The Fat Tire Rebel Trike Golf Scooter makes riding the course more fun due to its very stable three-wheel design. There’s no kickstand, but no balance is required. In addition, the 43-inch wide track provides great stability on hills.

The 2,500-watt motor is waterproof, and the upgraded suspension offers a smoother ride. Thanks to the motorcycle-grade disc brake system, you can rest assured that you’ll stop when you need to. With these stellar features, the Fat Tire rebel Trike Golf Scooter is our choice for the Best Three-Wheeled model of 2023.

Additional accessories are available, but they’ll add cost to the base model price tag. The manufacturer will also let you return it within 30 days of purchase, but at your own expense and with a 20% restocking fee.

Wheels: 3 | Accessories: Cooler, sand bottle, bag holder with mudguard | Battery longevity: 36 holes | Sit or stand: Sit

Benefits — Heat-treated aircraft aluminum frame — Additional alloy magnesium reduces weight and adds strength — Heavy-duty attachment straps to secure your golf bag

Drawbacks — Takes 5-6 hours to fully charge — 102 lbs. — Only runs 18 holes

The Golf Skate Caddy (GSC) Tourer electric stand-up scooter is a revolutionary way to play a round of golf. Riders enjoy the freedom and independence of a walker while riding the course and reduce the amount of time it takes to play. Plus, the four-wheel design makes getting on and off very easy, awarding the GSC Tourer as the Best Ease of Use in an electric golf scooter.

A heat-treated aluminum frame and alloy magnesium reduce weight and add strength and durability to the GSC Tourer. Heavy-duty attachment straps secure your golf bag. Although its dual folding mechanism makes it compact to transport, its excessive weight of 102 pounds makes it more difficult. And, its long charging time of five to six hours only gets you 18 holes out of that full charge.

Wheels: 3 | Accessories: Cooler, sand bottle, bag holder with mudguard | Battery longevity: 36 holes | Sit or stand: Sit

Benefits — Quick swap battery for longer range — Front and rear suspension means a smoother ride — Heavy-duty aluminum golf bag holder supports the largest of golf bags

Drawbacks — Upgrades required for extra special end result — Takes 6-8 hours to fully charge

The Fat Tire Cruiser 3.0 Electric Golf Scooter is a reliable option when shopping for alternative ways of getting around your local golf course. With quality front and rear suspension, you’ll have a smooth ride up and down those fairways. Plus, a heavy-duty aluminum golf bag holder supports the largest of golf bags.

You can even invest in a second battery for a quick swap that gets you twice the range one battery provides. Due to the handlebar-mounted platform that enables you to have your tees, scorecard, pencil, ball markers, divot tools, extra golf balls, and a drink right there for you, we’ve chosen the Fat Tire Cruiser 3.0 Electric Golf Scooter as our Best Accessories electric golf scooter. 

This electric golf scooter requires upcharges for an upgraded seat or a second battery. The battery that comes with the bike seems sufficient and comfortable, so don’t be forced into adding to the price tag with extra amenities you don’t need.

Wheels: 2 | Accessories: Bag holder, handlebar platform that holds tees, balls, scorecard, pencil, divot tool, ball markers, and a drink | Battery longevity: 18 holes (36 with a quick battery swap) | Sit or stand: Sit

Benefits — Fully customizable — Ultra stable 4-wheeled design — Modern look and good battery life

Drawbacks — 8 hours of charging time

The Ellwee Easy Golf is our choice for the Best Battery, at 72 holes of golf on one charge. It’s very customizable, depending on your needs, and has a sturdy four-wheeled design. The modern look and extensive battery life make this a great seller.

The Ellwee Easy Golf has an independent suspension and an anti-spin system that reduces the wear and tear on grass. The one drawback we discovered is its extensive eight-hour charging time — but that makes sense, considering the long battery life.

Wheels: 4 | Accessories: Mobile phone holder, golf bag holder | Battery longevity: 90 holes | Sit or stand: Sit

Let’s face it, the electric golf scooters highlighted here are a major purchase for anyone. It takes research and due diligence to find the one that fits your budget and meets your needs. The look and design are important, but so are battery life and comfort.

We looked at many factors to determine which electric golf scooters best met the criteria for each category. Most golf purchases, whether it’s clubs, bags, or shoes, are very individualized purchases. An electric golf scooter magnifies that significantly.

As with any major purchase, determine your budget and find the best electric golf scooters within that price range. Make sure you’re getting enough bang for your buck.

Do you want to stand or sit? That’s a big question to ask. Based on that answer, your comfort will be dictated by the sturdiness of the electric golf scooter. Do your homework, and hopefully, our electric golf scooter list will help guide your decision.

Durability is vital in any major purchase, especially a motor vehicle of any kind. After all, durability and stability translate to safety on the golf course. 

The Fat Tire Cruiser 3.0 Electric Golf Scooter has everything you need to get up and down those hills safely, securely, and with that next golf shot fresh on your mind. Its mighty 3,000-watt waterproof motor will get you around 18 holes with no problem.

The Koppla Swift Motorcycle Golf Cart is our choice for the Best Durability in an electric golf scooter. This model is an exceptional choice with great durability, fat tires, comfortable seating, and a powerful battery. The Peak 3,500-watt motor adds power for hilly terrains and maxes out at 27 mph, speeding up your round just enough to get a second one in. 

The electric golf scooters we analyzed here are all electrically charged. However, when talking about more traditional golf carts, the electric versus gas debate lives on. Electric carts are smoother and quieter for the rider but require a full setup in the facility’s cart barn. Gas carts are easier to maintain by simply ensuring they have ample fuel to operate. Essentially, this is a question that each golf facility must answer on its own.

Vinnie Manginelli is a PGA Professional in Kingston, New York. He’s a freelance writer and editor, golf blogger, and college golf coach with more than 20 years of golf teaching and administrative experience. He has a Master’s Degree in English from Southern New Hampshire University and has been able to marry his two loves – golf and writing.


Best electric golf scooters: speed and style on the green

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