Best smart scales in 2023 | Tom's Guide

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The best smart scales on the market from Withings to Wyze Industrial Weight Indicator

Best smart scales in 2023 | Tom

1. The list in brief 2. Best smart scales overall 3. Best smart scales for budget 4. Best smart scales runner-up for budget 5. Best smart scales for runners-up 6. Best smart scales for body analytics 7. Best smart scales for value 8. Best smart scales for reliability 9. Best smart scales for Fitbit 10. Best smart scales for style 11. Best smart scales for cross-platform 12. How to choose 13. How we test 14. Q&A

The best smart scales don't just measure weight. Stepping on the scales can now offer you detailed insights into your health and fitness.

Smart scales have seen a facelift over the years, and although they might cost you more than the average scale, you'll receive real-time health metrics at your feet. Many models now connect with the best workout apps and best fitness trackers to deliver results straight to your smartphone using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. And many even sync up with Fitbit and Garmin, to name a few. 

Using biometric impedance analysis (BIA), the best smart scales can analyze your body tissue using electrical currents to measure your metrics. BMI, heart rate and body composition are just some of the stats you can access with them. 

Intrigued, we got to work and tested the best smart scales around, noting the pros and cons of each, how they fared under testing and whether they're worth parting with your cash for. We include models like the Withings and Sportneer smart scales, and what a digital upgrade can get you. The results might surprise you.

The Withings Body Plus is the best smart scale. It sports an attractive design, gathers more information than any other scale and presents the data in an easy-to-understand app.

Best smart scales for budget

Best smart scales in 2023 | Tom

Weighing Scale Indicator The Wyze Scale X is the newest budget smart scale from Wyze, and it's got one stand-out improvement — the option to track your muscle mass percentage.