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Aerial disinfection with Halamid® as useful addition to biosecurity protocols | The Poultry Site

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The adoption of biosecurity measures such as all-in all-out production system and the disinfection of empty houses between the production cycles contributes to the reduction of disease transmission in livestock farming.

However, a stocked poultry or pig house can still continue to accumulate pathogens over time. Therefore, spraying a fine disinfectant mist in the presence of animals has a major impact in reducing infection and preventing diseases as it reduces the build-up and spread of pathogens. Such measure can be considered a useful addition to standard biosecurity protocols.

Sarah Koehler, Commercial Manager at Axcentive SARL comments: “Feedback from the market tells us, such misting is very well feasible in many farms; the challenge for the farmer is finding the proper disinfectant. The right product shall combine a strong and broad activity spectrum without side effects for animals. Also, such aerial disinfection should give no concern about food residues”.

A recent risk assessment conducted by ERM- France and performed according to relevant European standards, confirms that Halamid® can be used in the presence of animals without risks for animals and consumers. The assessment has been done for dilution rates up to 1:100 (1 percent). Portable spraying equipment providing fine droplets, cold foggers or a misting installation can be used for such application. At typical in-use dilutions operators can safely work with Halamid® solutions with the appropriate standard personal protection which is routine for the use of any professional hygiene product.

Sarah Koehler ends: “Its superior safety profile towards operators and animals, proves once more how Halamid® leads the way forward in farm biosecurity”.

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Aerial disinfection with Halamid® as useful addition to biosecurity protocols | The Poultry Site

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